Rulesets used

Rulesets I have played, and suitability for solo play:-

  1. Field of Battle                                        very suitable
  2. Force on Force/Ambush Alley      very suitable
  3. Blitzkrieg Commander                       fairly suitable
  4. Cold War Commander                       fairly suitable
  5. Disposable Heroes WW2                  very suitable (with Platoon Forward)
  6. Rate of Fire WW2                                 very suitable (with Platoon Forward)
  7. Bolt Action WW2                                  very suitable
  8. Bull Run to Gettysburg                       fairly suitable
  9. Republic to Empire                              fairly suitable
  10. 7TV                                                             the more the merrier…
  11. Saga                                                             nope
  12. Operation Squad                                    fairly suitable
  13. Muskets & Tomahawks                       very suitable
  14. Maurice                                                      very suitable & great fun

Rulesets waiting to be played:-

  1. Victory Decision WW2                       another platoon level WW2 game
  2. Disposable Heroes:Point Blank      squad level DH
  3. Tomorrow’s War                                  an alternative to 40K?
  4. Hammerin’ Iron 2011 Edition         ACW ships
  5. Blood, Bilge and Iron Balls               Napoleonic ships
  6. I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (3rd)           an alternative to BKC in 10mm?