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7TV – 29/12/2011 (Tom & Nick)

The Refinery

We usually do something a bit different for our game between Christmas and New Year, and this year it was 7TV – Tom agreed he’d play Nick and I’d umpire – still, a game’s a game! I’d managed to paint up enough figures to give 2 casts of around 300 points each and I took the stat lines straight out of the wonderful 7TV rulebook, as I was too busy cooking turkey to spend time generating my own.

Nick was the Dr Evil team, starring the Guru, ably assisted by Kali and the Man in the Lead Suit, a scientist with 2 Fembots and a security detail of 5 men led by a captain (Jack in this case).

Evil Stars

Tom was Mr Good – his star, The Man From 2000, had Professor Plantagenet, Pandora King and Major Red co-starring, and they were backed up by a Spectrum security detail of 5 men led by Captain Blue.

We played a “Gather” scenario, where everyone is looking for bits of equipment strewn across the board (counters numbered 1 to 6), but the twist is that you add up the value on the found equipment counters at the end of the game and score a victory point for each complete 5 points. You also get VP for killing enemy stars & co-stars, leaving them stunned or captured and also for controlling table quarters – everyone forgot the last one in the heat of the moment of the frantic last turn of course.

Good Stars

After we had distributed 4 event cards each and both sides got to pick their gadgets, they deployed. With evil having 3 figures who could deploy anywhere on the board (2 with a natural ability and 1 with a Disguise Kit gadget), I was worried that the game might end quite quickly because the last turn would be the one when the last of the 6 gadgets were picked up. On to battle…

Due to their Infiltrate ability, The Man in Lead Suit and Pandora found themselves adjacent to each other by an objective on top of the nuclear reactor.  Tom won the initiative and tried to see through Lead Suit’s disguise as they were within 2″ of each other. A roll of 6 meant Pandora could see him for the freak he really was, so she first picked up the objective then lashed out at Lead Suit but missed. Tom spent the rest of his activations moving his troops forward from his baseline. Nick then activated Lead Suit, who stunned Pandora on the second attempt after she had dodged her way out of any damage from his first punch. This meant an interesting decision for Lead Suit – he could take a wound off Pandora as she was a lesser strength than him, so he could invoke the Killing Blow rule to turn a Stun from a brawl into a wound. However, if good won initiative, then Pandora could charge him and as she was rolling 2 dice to both hit and wound due to various abilities. He took the chance and stunned her, hoping she wouldn’t be able to roll off the stun status off in the end phase – this proved to be a good choice, as Pandora spent most of the game stunned!

Evil extras - the Captain and his Gang

Kali started the game beside an objective on the pipeline walkway due to her Infiltrate ability, and picked it up with pre-game First Strike ability. For her first activation she jumped on to the nuclear reactor and fired her blowpipe at The Man from 2000 – he ended up having to spend a Luck token to ward off the deadly rolled up piece of jotter paper. The rest of evil’s activations advanced his minions towards the remaining objectives.

Good extras - Captain Blue and his troops

On turn 2, evil won the initiative. Lead Suit captured Pandora and whisked her back to the evil baseline and spent the remainder of his actions moving his minions into position. Tom mostly moved, apart from a few wayward rifle shots from the Spectrum troopers. His big moment came when Prof Plantagenet donned the Brain Swap Helmet gadget and dominated Kali despite all her attempts to wriggle free. So with Pandora captured and Kali dominated, both sides were a co-star down.

Fembots and controller

Evil again won the initiative on turn 3, and in a touch of genius, Captain Jack of the evil security team captured Kali and brought her back to her own baseline in an attempt to make her see sense – it worked, as she shook off the domination in the end phase. It was a brilliant turn for good though, as the Spectrum security detail downed the evil scientist and a security guard with their rifles. As the game degenerated into a firefight in the middle of the board, the Man from 2000 went on a rescue mission and teleported close to Pandora in the evil deployment zone. Pandora had singularly failed to become un-stunned and was still captured, guarded by 1 inept guard.

Spectrum to the rescue

Luckily, Tom won initiative next turn, and charged and killed the minion with 2000, only to find that the rules didn’t seem to allow him to free Pandora as she had to shake off the captured status herself (and she was still stunned – damn). The Spectrum marksmanship continued, as another security guard and Lead Suit fell to their bullets – not only did Lead Suit have the Unlucky trait, but Tom played the “Terribly Bad Luck” event on him as he was about to make a luck re-roll after his bullet-proof vest save failed him – there’s just no saving some people. On the evil turn, Captain Jack barrelled into 2000 and took him prisoner as well, so good had lost 2 heroes to the evil brig. Every evil shot, including the ones from the Guru, went well wide of the mark, much to Nick’s frustration – even Audience Appreciation tokens can’t do much with a fistful of ones!

Kali & Pandora

However, as Tom had now killed enough evil figures to make him 50% of his original strength, evil had to take a Shaken morale test in the End phase. Tom played the “No Faith in the Plan” event on top of this, so Nick needed a 6 on a D6 to stay in the game, which he duly produced with no Luck needed! On to what would be the final turn.

Tom’s first action was to turn over the last objective counter in the bunker, which meant that this would be the last turn. More inept shooting by both sides and to-ing and fro-ing with much capturing and then freeing of 2000 and Pandora on evil’s baseline ended up with Pandora being confused at the end of the game, but 2000 alive and kicking. Even Kali’s Concealment ability couldn’t stop her being confused by 2000’s 14″ Mind Blast due to his massive 7 intelligence, costing Nick another VP.

Major Red is covered.

Tom had been really lucky in the tokens he went for, and ended up with 14 to Nick’s 7 – that, along with the VP for killing Lead Suit and reducing evil to 50% gave good a comfortable win.

The Fembots had been ineffective, mainly due to their inability to run (move 6″ in each action), so ended up lumbering across the board at 6″ a turn when Nick bothered to activate them. Their SMGs were quite effective, but only got to fire once or twice. Tom didn’t even bother wasting an action to try and send them out of control as he didn’t see them as much of a threat.

We used Audience Appreciation to influence a random roll – this is wrong and is mentioned in the FAQs which I looked up later. Basically, Kali thought 2000 and Pandora would escape capture so shot a blowdart at them, but because they were in base contact with Captain Jack, we randomised the hit. Nick rolled a 1 which would have been Jack, but modified it to a 3 and hit 2000. The whole issue of shooting prisoners was discussed and we’ve agreed that it will not be allowed in future games. If you want to execute a prisoner, you have to devise a convoluted method to do it, then assign a particularly inept guard to carry it out…episode 2 to follow at Easter.

Major Red and the Professor


7TV – 22/05/11 (Solo)

What intrigued me about 7TV when I saw it at Salute (apart from the fantastic inside of the volcanic lair model) was that it wasn’t an RPG (good!) and that it had generic stats for different models which were customisable to represent anyone from Batman to Indiana Jones. So I’m thinking that it would be something to use the Heroclix figures in the loft for, as well as another use for my WW2 Germans trying to stop the Allied archaeologists winning the war by digging up stuff. My son is a big Dr Who fan, so this was the our starting point – he provided the stats for the Professor (who is really an alien), his Plucky Assistant and their friend RAF Man.

Our Heroes

To get the ball rolling, I quickly did stats for a Mad Scientist and his security detail who are guarding something “really important” in an industrial complex, and our heroes have to find it.

Mad Scientist & Security Guards

The industrial complex “Project Gamma” (how original) was the usual mess of pipefarms and skips to allow our heroes to slip undetected to the lab in the middle and steal the “secret” from under the noses of some inept guards.

The Gamma Complex

There are a couple of steps to carry out before the game can start. Firstly, the Event cards are dealt (4 to each player recommended) which add a bit of chaos to the game – I must confess I forgot about them when I was playing because I was too busy looking up the rules! The second pre-game phase is the Think Tank phase where you get to pick your gadgets. Each star gets a dice, then 1D6+2 is added for the Gadget knowledge attribute (points for which can only be used by the figure who generated the dice) and finally 1 D6 for each Boffin level. This gave the Good side 5D6+2 against the Bad side’s 2D6 (2 levels of Boffin, but no star – only a co-star). Good rolled 22 points on their dice, with 5 for the exclusive use of the Professor – he got a Sonic Stunner @ 12 points, Plucky Assistant got Sleep Spray @ 6 points and RAF Man got a Bullet-proof Vest @ 4 points. Evil got a Lazer Scope and a Homing Device for 8 points.

As Good gets priority automatically on turn 1, there were no Audience Appreciation tokens up for grabs. The number of figures which can be activated in a phase is half the side’s models rounded up (but not captured or stunned figures). Each activated figure gets 2 actions each – one star or co-star gets a Heroic Action during each turn, which gives a +2 bonus to hit, to wound/damage or on stats tests. The Good plan was for RAF Man to take up position on the pipe farm bridge, where he could cover the advance of the Professor and Plucky Assistant to the laboratory – as he had the Eagle Eye attribute, he could add 6″ to his range, making his Military Pistol an 18″ strength 4 weapon. RAF Man and the Professor are activated – RAF Man moves to the foot of the pipe farm stairs for 1 action, then climbs the stairs for his 2nd action (climbing between 2-4″ is an activation with no horizontal movement). The Professor activates and because he has a Leader(1) attribute he can also activate Plucky Assistant, and they both use 2 movement actions to run 12″ through the assorted crates.

The Prof and his Plucky Assistant

Evil has 6 figures, so gets to activate 3 – the dog handler, Mad Scientist and a rifle-armed security guard. The dog handler can also activate his dog, so moves 6″ but stays within 6″ so the dog can leap-frog him by moving twice, but stays within 6″ and in command. The Mad Scientist tries to figure out how to work his Alien Pistol to fire it at the Professor 15″ away. With intellegence 6, he can do this with anything but a 1 on his 1st roll, or by rolling a 6 on his 2nd attempt – guess what – he rolled a 1, followed by a 4, so fails (I suppose he could have used 1 of his 3 luck tokens to re-roll the 1st dice, but as the luck tokens have to last the entire game, I decided not to).

Mad Scientist struggles with Alien Technology

The activated rifle-armed security guard takes aim for an action (adds +2 to the to hit roll) at the Professor – needing a basic 4+ to hit, he has -1 for cover & -1 for range but +2 for aiming means that a 4 rolled is a hit. The rifle is strength 3 against the Professor’s defence of 4, which means that a 5 is needed to would, but the Professor’s Invunerable(1) attribute adds 1 to his defense, so a 6 is needed to wound – a 2 is rolled, so no wound.

On turn 2, Evil get priority with a difference of 3 – this means that the Evil side gets 2 Audience Appreciation tokens while the Good side gets 1. These tokens can be used to amend a dice roll by +1 or -1 (any number on a single roll), or 2 can be used to activate an extra figure – both these effects can only be used in your own turn, not your opponent’s. Evil activates the same 3 figures. The dog handler activates the dog, then moves 6″ for 1 action and fires at RAF Man at the top of the pipe platform stairs. From 4+ to hit, this is modified to 5+ for being over half range, and a 5 is rolled. This is a strength 3 attack against defence 4, so needs a 5 to wound. A 6 comes up, and RAF Man decides to play a luck token (his only one) to re-roll the wound roll rather than rely on his 5+ save from the bullet-proof vest – the re-roll come up a 1, so his luck holds. The dog bounds to the foot of the stairs ready to run up and attack RAF Man from behind next turn.

Will the dog get the jump on RAF Man

The Mad Scientist tries to figure out how to use the Alien Pistol again and succeeds. For his 2nd action, he fires at the Professor – it is 3+ to hit and should be -1 for over half range, but as the pistol is a “lazer” this doesn’t apply, so only a -1 for cover. He rolls a 4, so hits – a strength 4 hit against a defence of 5 needs 5+ to wound, and a 5 is rolled. The Professor spends one of his 3 luck tokens to force a re-roll, but as this is a 6, the wound still happens – the Professor is down to 2 wounds. The rifle-armed security guard takes aim and fires again, but rolls too low for even the Audience Appreciation tokens to bump it up. At this point, I should have used the 2 Appreciation tokens to activate another figure to shoot, as they disappear at the end of the turn, but forgot – one to remember next time.

Security Guard opens fire

The RAF Man turns for 1 action and shoots the dog for the next. 4+ to hit, -1 for being small, but a 5 hits, then 2 wound rolls as the pistol is high-calibre @ 3+ kill the dog stone dead. The Professor and his Plucky Assistant move twice to get in to cover 6″ away from the Mad Scientist – they are still waiting for RAF Man to get into position to cover them, but he’s still messing about shooting dogs.

Prof & Plucky Assistant wonder what to do next

Evil again wins priority with a difference of 1, so each side gets an Appreciation token (I think). Even with the dog dead, 5 models give 3 activations and the Mad Scientist, SMG security guard and dog-handler are activated. The dog-handler fire his pistol at RAF Man after aiming, but rolls a 1 and misses. The SMG can’t be aimed as it is a burst weapon, so 4+ at over half range and target in cover need a 6 to hit. 3 rolls to hit give one 5, which is amended to 6 with an Appreciation token. Strength 3 against the Professor needs a 6 to wound, and a 6 is rolled – the Professor can’t take another wound, so spends a luck token to force a re-roll and a 1 is rolled – no wound. The Mad Scientist figures out how to re-load the alien pistol and fire at the Professor, but misses. In the Good turn, the RAF Man finally makes the centre of the footbridge and fires at the Mad Scientist – it looks like a certain wound, but the Scientist’s forcefield (5+ save) deflects the shot at the last minute. The Plucky Assistant follows the Professor  to within 2″ of the Mad Scientist and uses her Sleep Spray gadget card, but misses. The Professor and Plucky Assistant are very exposed if Evil wins priority.

Luckily, Good wins priority by 2, so 1 Appreciation token each. The Professor runs into the Lab for 2 actions after activating his Plucky Assistant. She attempts to seduce the Mad Scientist, and succeeds after he fails his morale test of 4+ twice (the second time with a luck token re-roll).

Plucky Assistant tries seductiion after Sleep Spray failure

Plucky Assistant uses her 2nd action to charge over the oil drums at the confused Scientist (-1 defence) and rolls 5 to clear the obstacle.

Plucky Assistant charges

As this is make-or-break time, she declares a Heroic Attack to wound and an all-or-nothing attack to hit – this gives 2 dice to hit on anything but a 1 after modifiers, but if Mad Scientist is still standing after the attack, he gets to strike back immediately rather than waiting on his own activation. Anyway, 2 hits are scored, +1 strength for charging and +2 for Heroic Action means anything but a 1 to wound – again 2 wounds. The Mad Scientist uses his last luck token to force 1 re-roll as he has 2 wounds, but this predictably fails, and down he goes – well done Plucky Assistant!

Take that Mad Scientist!

With the Professor in the lab and only a few inept guards standing in their way, it was obvious the Good side were going to win, so I called it a day there.

These rules are not as simple as they first appear – there’s lots of plusses and minuses to remember, and it’s never as straight-forward as the basic roll to hit and wound on the chart, as it can be amended with equipment, knowledge/traits and heroic actions. That said, the ending was truly cinematic so mission accomplished (in both senses). I have a WW1 tank which is just crying out to be driven over a cliff somewhere – maybe next time…