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Warhammer 40K 23/06/2007 (Tom)

Just to get the blog rolling, a cross-post from BGG from a few years ago…

Game :- Necrons verses Space Wolves

Mission :- Cities of Death / High Ground Scenario

Game Length :- 6 turns

This battle forms part of a campaign which is currently being played out at my wargames club. Both the Necrons and Space Wolves have taken beatings in previous battles – the Necron repair facility on the planet where the campaign takes place has been destroyed, hence some Necron units were down to half strength. The Space Wolves Wolf Lord and Venerable Dreadnought were killed in a previous battle, leaving only a Rune Priest to lead the Wolves.

Pre Battle Ramblings

As the only HQ choice left to the Space Wolves was the Rune Priest, they could only field 750 points, consisting of 2 Blood Claw units (one led by a Wolf Guard Leader, the other by the Rune Priest), a Grey Hunter unit, a Whirlwind and a Dreadnought with Assault Cannon and Storm Bolter.

The Necrons had their 3 Warrior squads, Destroyers and Scarabs at half-strength, with the Immortals, Heavy Destroyers and Monolith being at full strength.


The Space Wolves won the mission roll, and, because they were heavily outnumbered, thought that a Cities of Death mission would give them a fighting chance. They picked High Ground because the Victory conditions were about control of the objective rather than enemy killed. Actually having anyone left alive after 6 turns to occupy the building was something that escaped their planning….

The Space Wolves deployment from left to right was Grey Hunters centre left, both Blood Claw units backed by the Dreadnought in the centre ready to charge the objective, leaving the Whirlwind in the back right of their deployment zone.

The Necrons on the other hand seemed intent in preserving their Lord, which led to him and his squad of Immortals contributing very little to the battle – this ultimately saved the Space Wolves from complete obliteration.

The Necrons deployed their Lord and Immortals in a building to the rear right of their position, with the Destroyers and Scarabs to their front. The 3 Warrior squads and the Wraiths were in the centre ready to contest the objective. The 2 Heavy Destroyers were deployed one to each flank, while the Monolith skulked on the centre left of the board, ready to envelop the Wolves right.

Turn 1

(“Arghhh – the Necrons have won the first turn – that’s the end of that then!” – Rune Priest Norman the Optimist)

The Wraiths rushed into the objective building right away, backed by all 3 half-strength squads of warriors, while the Scarabs attempted to outflank the Blood Claws closest to the objective building.

The first Heavy Destroyer fired at the Marine Dreadnought. It scored a hit but failed to penetrate, while the second Heavy Destroyer missed altogether. Meanwhile, 1 Blood Claw was cut down by the Destroyers unit.

The Monolith powered up and fired its particle whip at the Blood Claws squad containing the Rune Priest, which had deployed in the building across the road from the objective. The shot scattered in between the two Blood Claw units, vaporising two from one unit and one from the other.

On The Space Wolf turn, the Blood Claws with the Wolf Guard leader moved into the objective building, while the Rune Priest Squad rolled low for difficult terrain and was caught flat-footed in the middle of the street in front of the Monolith – oh-oh. The Grey Hunters moved into a building on the far left of their board edge in an attempt at an outflanking move.

The Whirlwind fired at a Necron Warrior squad, scoring a direct hit, but the Warriors emerged from the smoke unscathed. The Blood Claws in the objective fired on the fast-approaching Wraiths, but Melta and Plamsa and pistols did no damage. (Inexperienced = BS3, you see). The Dreadnought fired on a Heavy Destroyer, scored 2 hits with his assault cannon, but caused no damage. However, the good old Storm Bolter got two hits, followed by two wounds and two failed saves – the destroyer fell smoking to the ground. The Blood Claws in the street pointed their Melta gun at the other Heavy Destroyer, and it exploded as well – not bad – 2 dead Heavy Destroyers for 4 dead Blood Claws!

Turn 2

The Necron Warrior squads stumbled (just) into the objective, while the Scarabs moved into the rear of objective in preparation for an assault. The Monolith positioned itself to attack the Blood Claws stranded in the street, but in the firing phase only succeeded in killing 1! The Warriors fired at the Dreadnought from inside the objective building, and got 1 glance, which resulted in crew shaken. This was better than the Destroyer squad, who failed even to glance the Dreadnought. The Immortals meantime picked off another Blood Claw in the objective.

During the Assault phase, the Wraiths and Scarabs attacked the Blood Claw squad in the objective, but with only 2 Blood Claws killed and 1 wound on a Scarab, the combat continued.

On the Space Wolf turn, the Grey Hunters continued to outflank the Destroyers, while the Rune Priest led his squad on a suicidal attack on the Monolith. In the firing phase, they got lucky, and the Monolith was destroyed thanks to a lucky plasma pistol shot – well done that puppy! The Whirlwind failed to get anything close to the Destroyers.

On to the Assault phase – the Dreadnought bundled into the Scarabs in the rear of the objective, killing 2, then a Blood Claw power fist laid a Wraith low – instant death. The Wolf Guard leader with a Power Fist finished off the last Scarab swarm. Five Blood Claws went down this turn, in exchange for a Monolith, 3 Scarab swarms and a Wraith – even better than turn 1 for the Wolves!

Turn 3

There was no Necron movement this turn. The Immortals who were hiding with the Lord in a rear building fired at the outflanking Grey Hunters and killed 3 leaving the Destroyers to finish the job – that was the end of the Grey Hunter squad.

All the Warriors in the objective building then fired at the Blood Claw in squad in the street instead of joining the wraith in melee. Twenty shots with 9 saves to make = 3 dead Blood Claws. The Wraith killed another Blood Claw in close combat for no reply.

In retaliation, the Blood Claws in the street piled into the objective and assaulted the warriors there. The Dreadnought took out a Destroyer with his assault cannon. In the close combat phase, there were no wounds in the Blood Claw / Wraith combat, but the other Blood Claw squad killed 2 warriors for 1 Space Marine

Turn 4

The “We’ll be back” roll brought back 1 warrior, but the Destroyer stayed down. The remaining Destroyer fired at the Dreadnought and missed, and that was all the Necrons could see to shoot at.

In close combat, the Wraith finally wiped out the Blood Claw squad and their Wolf Guard leader – 3 wounds with two 1s and one 2 rolled as saves gives 3 dead Marines. The Rune Priest went berserk, wiped out a half-strength Warrior squad in return and took a wound for his trouble. This left the Priest as the only Marine left in the objective building!

In the Wolves turn, the Whirlwind missed again, the Dreadnought failed against the remaining Destroyer, and the Rune Priest casually fired a few Bolt Pistol shots at the Wraith, but, predictably, this had no effect

Turn 5

The Wraith and other Warrior squad in the objective building attacked the Rune Priest, but he saved all the wounds they inflicted. He then took out another warrior to bring the squad below half its starting strength. There was now nothing left in the building which could claim it as an objective!

The Dreadnought skulked out of line of sight of the Necrons, biding his time in order to move in and contest the building.

Turn 6

The destroyer moved into the objective building, staying out of range of the predicted the Dreadnought move into the building.

In the final round of close combat during the Necron turn, the Rune Priest killed the remaining 2 warriors, but couldn’t dent the Wraith, and paid for it with his life in the Space Wolves close combat phase.

The Dreadnought moved in to contest the objective building, couldn’t draw a bead on the Destroyer and made the game end in a draw.

Battle Honours


The Wraith unit destroyed 2 whole Blood Claw squads, including a Rune Priest and a Wolf Guard Leader.

The Destroyers wiped out the Grey Hunters squad

Space Wolves

The Rune Priest’s squad of Blood Claws took out 1 Heavy Destroyer, the Monolith – and reduced the wraiths to half strength.

The Rune Priest himself killed 1 Necron warrior unit and reduced another one to half strength.

The Dreadnought killed 1 Heavy Destroyer, and reduced the Destroyers unit to half strength.

The second Blood Claws unit with the Wolf Guard Leader polished off the Scarab unit.

The Whirlwind took indirect fire to mean not-really-very effective-at-all fire.

The Grey Hunters might as well have stayed at home!


All-in-all a fair result, with a lot of experience points gained by both sides (these points translate into strategems for the next battle). Luckily, the Rune Priest was only badly wounded by the Wraith, so will return for the next battle with 1 wound. The Necron Monolith, on the other hand, may never be seen again…