About Me

I started this blog to journal my (sometimes solo) attempts at mastering various tabletop wargame rule sets, so the reports tend to emphasise the nuts and bolts of the rule sets more than “normal” battle reports.  When not soloing a ruleset, I can be found playing with my partners in crime – my son Thomas and my friend Nick. However, with Tom gone off to University and Nick gone up North, the solo games may become more regular!

It is also meant to give me something to refer back to if I don’t play a set of rules for a while and need to get up to speed quickly. It can highlight the catalogue of errors made while learning, and provide notes and ideas for future games with the rules when I can cajole Tom or Nick into playing them.

I will also post on board wargames, though these are mostly played with Nick rather than solo. My board gaming alter-ego can be found on BGG:-