Chain of Command (15/03/2015 – David)

It’s been a while since we attempted any game over Facetime, but when I posted some photos of yesterday’s CoC game on Twitter I got a call from David back home in Northern Ireland asking if I fancied giving it another go – so 24 hours after the first game finished, we started the second. Given that there are usually 6-8 weeks between my games, this was nothing short of a miracle 🙂

With the terrain staying the same as yesterday’s game we didn’t play a Patrol Phase, but just used the same jump-off points (JoP) as yesterday (I thought this phase of the game might be difficult to do over Facetime). The British (me) probably got the slightly better position from this decision, but as we randomised the sides this was fair enough.

The British Dingo steamed on up the road out to the right, the intention being to cover German deployment from their JoPs with overwatch Bren fire.

Panzerschreck ambush

Panzerschreck ambush

However, multiple German rolls of 5 and back-to-back phases allowed a quick build up of German CoC dice so they were able to ambush the Dingo with Panzerschreck and easily destroyed it, though the Junior Leader commanding it escaped. The Panzerschreck then vanished back into the hedgerows.

Junior leader killed

Junior leader killed

The LMG component of the nearest German squad assaulted the escaping Junior Leader – he died a hero’s death, taking the LMG squad with him (along with 2 points of British morale). 😦

Hedge gets suppressed

Hedge gets suppressed

With the help of an LMG in the small detached house, the remainder of the same German squad suppressed the British squad lining the hedgerow, then moved to flank them and attempt to overrun their JoP.

Officer wounded

Meanwhile, the German sniper deployed in the middle house in the terrace and managed to roll well enough to wound the British officer, causing a further fall in British morale. Down to 3 command dice, the British started to struggle.

Jump off point overrun

Jump off point overrun

The Germans pressed home their flank attack against a paralysed Bren team (a combination of lack of command dice and me not being able to roll the right number to activate them), overrunning the British JoP in a fierce melee, then causing them to lose another JoP as British morale fell to 2.

Pinned down in front of the house

Pinned down in front of the house

A further fire team loss took the British morale to 1 – then I kept rolling 6 on the single activation dice, so it was game over and the British withdrew.

Chain of Command works really well over Facetime, or at least the bulk of the game after the Patrol phase does. We were helped by the fact that yesterday’s patrol phase started in the central zone for each side, so the game was played in a fairly narrow strip of the 6’x4′ table – this meant there were a couple of places where I could put the IPad and cover most of the action from them. As ever, Chain of Command gave a fast-moving and eventful game – can’t wait for the Modern one to be launched at Salute.

We plan to do Battlegroup Overlord in 28mm at Platoon level over Facetime at some point. I’m not convinced that 15mm wouldn’t be a better scale for this, but I’ve worked up some lists and I have the troops to fill them so we might as well give it a try. Watch this space.


3 responses to “Chain of Command (15/03/2015 – David)

  1. A feast of famine of indeed !
    Must try FaceTime game sometime sounds like an interesting method

  2. Re 28 vs 15 yes 15s probably better but for FaceTime 28s easier to see ?

  3. Hi Gary, agree on the 15mm.
    Facetime seems to work best with skirmish level games. Tried it with FOG:AM but was taking an hour per turn and hard for me to leave games set up. Happy to have a try over Facetime when you get a bit more time – maybe even use Skype and get Pentland involved. Cheers, Norman

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