Miniature wargames in 2014 and plans for 2015

It’s a bit late for a review of the year, but there you go. I haven’t played much at all since September, just Euro boardgames with the family at Christmas and New Year – my long-time gaming opponent Nick and my son have both moved away to new jobs, so the solo option is going to have to be explored a lot more. I’ve decided to come out of hibernation though with a review of the year and what plans there are for the new year.

A game of Jugula which went unfinished – sigh

The totals for the year are 9 games with an opponent and 4 solo, which isn’t bad especially as they were all in the first 9 months. Field of Glory:Ancients and Saga were used over Facetime as an experiment, as well as being played face-to-face. Dreadball, Ronin, Judge Dredd, Dead Man’s Hand, Panzer Grenadier Deluxe & Chain of Command Espana all got a run out along with the first 2 games in a Dux Britanniarum solo campaign.

10mm WW2

10mm WW2

This year, I’m looking forward to the new “Dreadball” rules, Sam Mustafa’s new game “Blucher”, the Lardies Chain of Command Moderns, “Daisho” (the Japanese fantasy adaption of “In Her Majesty’s Name”) and “Beyond the Gates of Antares” from Warlord.

Dead Man's Hand Renegade

Dead Man’s Hand Renegade

So my target is to play 12 games this year and blog about each of them. They will probably be different rule sets given my inability to concentrate on any one thing for too long 🙂 and will have to be suitable to give a good solo game as that is the way things are going.

  1. Marlburian using Die Fighting 2
  2. Muskets and Tomahawks with larger forces
  3. Sword and Spear Ancients
  4. In Her Majesty’s Name
  5. American Civil War using Field of Battle 2 (perhaps)
  6. Pulp Alley
  7. WW2 Panzer Grenadier Deluxe in 15mm
  8. Napoleonic naval using ”Blood, Bilge & Iron Balls” – still outstanding 🙂
  9. Fantasy battles using “God of Battles”
  10. Continue the Dux Britanniarum campaign
  11. Field of Glory:Renaissance
  12. Chain of Command – At the Sharp End campaign in Normandy
  13. Saga using the Welsh
  14. Lion Rampant
  15. Jugula (not solo obviously)

I realise that’s 15 🙂 but it’s ambitious target and something will no doubt have to give. Also, the allure of new rules which will inevitably be picked up at Salute and Warfare needs to be taken into account 😉

I’m not going to go through my board wargames for this year in a separate post as they were few and far between, but my thanks go to Gary and David for 2 excellent games of the magnificent “Kingdom of Heaven” over Vassal.

Have a happy new year.

More Jugula

More Jugula


4 responses to “Miniature wargames in 2014 and plans for 2015

  1. I shall look forwards to reading about all of these as the year progresses, but especially 4 and 6 🙂

  2. Thanks Craig. The Brick Lane IHMN gang with machine gun armed Industrial Walker are all painted up and ready to go – the hold-up is finishing the 3rd floor of the 4Ground warehouse. Hopefully you will throw Daisho into the mix to muck up my plans 🙂 Norman

  3. Hi Norman

    Interesting wishlist for 2015 🙂

  4. Hi Gary, more of a brain dump than a wishlist 🙂
    The main aim was to use figures I already had or just need to base up (FOR:R) rather than go into new periods or scales – the one exception to this is of course 15mm WW2 but I blame you, David and the Plastic Soldier Company for that one 🙂
    Cheers, Norman

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