Saga (29/08/2014 – Tom)



Although I bought 2 sets of the Scot Saga dice to allow this match-up to happen, we have never actually pitted these two historical opponents against each other, so it was about time we got round to this. The scenario was “Kill the Warlord” from the original Saga rule book but we used the terrain set-up from the new updated “The Crescent & the Cross” version of the rules, and much better it is too. I went with the maximum bid of 3 pieces of terrain while the Scots went with 1 so a total of 4 pieces went on the table. The Scots had a hill while I had a wood, a ploughed field and some rough ground – all of my terrain could generate shooting using the “Sons of Dana” while I’m not really sure what the hill was for as it wasn’t rough ground and only blocked line of sight – nonetheless I moved it back into my deployment area when I rolled the option to do so just in case.

Irish rain javelins down from the hill

Irish rain javelins down from the hill (with no effect!)

The Scots got the first action and moved up their entire line while leaving what seemed like a lot of dice on the battleboard. For my turn I tried to get some javelins launched at the enemy, but both my warrior units failed to score any hits and the “Sons of Dana” ability which has shot coming from terrain rather than a unit also failed spectacularly.

Scots warriors take on the Irish on the hill

Scots warriors take on the Irish on the hill

On their next turn the Scots concentrated on my left flank. They launched an attack on the hill with a warrior unit – I stopped them using any melee abilities with “Blade of Truth” and won the melee 2 casualties to 1 but to be honest I would have been better off losing and retreating as next against the warriors came a unit of 6 Hearthguard with a stack of abilities left on the battleboard.

Scots Hearthguard send the Irish warriors packing

Scots Hearthguard send the Irish warriors packing

I killed 1 Hearthguard but in return they scored 14 hits – although I was lucky and managed to save 9 (rolling 5 or 6!) I still lost 5 warriors reducing the unit to 2 men. Needless to say, the Scots took the hill.

After the melee on the Irish right flank

After the melee on the Irish right flank

I didn’t roll too badly for my orders phase of turn 2 and managed to line up a shooting combo of “Bansidh Whispers” & “Eagle Eye”, firstly giving each 6 rolled the effect of 2 hits and then adding +1 to any roll of 4 or more. The Scots responded with “Keeping the Distance” which gave them the same advantages as being in hard cover, so my 10 javelin shots only killed 1 Hearthguard – damn.

I followed up with a Warrior unit into the Hearthguard but even though I used “Blade of Truth” again to stop any fancy Scots melee abilities, I rolled badly and the warriors were sent back with a loss of 3 for 1 Hearthguard.

End of turn 2

End of turn 2

Real life then intervened and we had to finish there having only played 2 turns out of 6. I was in real trouble on my left flank, in that I was badly outnumbered with one warrior unit down to 2 men. The Scots were outnumbered in the same way on their left flank, but because it was their turn they could fall back before I got into contact and build up their battle board abilities while waiting for me to put fatigue on to my troops in trying to contact them.  They were also ahead in the kill count so if both warlords survived the battle it would come down to that to decide victory – in typical Scots fashion they could just go defensive and win the game by making me come to them.

So a short but enjoyable game to round off the holidays – looking forward to the next one.


2 responses to “Saga (29/08/2014 – Tom)

  1. More great looking figures ! Are they metals or plastics ?

    • Hi Gary, thanks – all Gripping Beast metals. I am putting together some Gripping Beast plastic Arab infantry at the minute though, and they are really nice figures. Cheers, Norman

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