Board Wargames played during 2013

Kingdom of Heaven - the Crusaders land at Antioch

Kingdom of Heaven – the Crusaders land at Antioch

Looking at my BGG recorded plays, it comes as no surprise that the game I played most was also my game of the year, “Kingdom of Heaven” from MMP. With 2 face-to-face plays and 2 games on Vassal, I’ve only really scratched the surface of this one as it has a lot of scenarios all of which look playable in an afternoon. I’m hoping to get a Vassal game of the 3rd Crusade in soon.

Rebel Raiders

Rebel Raiders

My next favourite game was GMT’s “Rebel Raiders on the High Seas”, a strategic level attempt at gaming the ACW at sea. The cards add a lot of flavour to the game and the fact that it can be finished in an afternoon means it should hit the table again.

Andean Abyss game

Andean Abyss game

I warmed more to “Andean Abyss” after playing it face-to-face with 4 players (a rare event), so much so that I bought “Cuba Libre” (the next in the COIN series) and have had 3 really fun solo games of it. If anyone is thinking of starting with the COIN series I would recommend starting with “Cuba Libre” and taking it from there.

Cuba Libre - a smaller scale game than Andean Abyss

Cuba Libre – a smaller scale game than Andean Abyss

I also bought “Fading Glory”, the Napoleonic quad from GMT and played an excellent game of Waterloo 20 against my son when we were on holiday. In a reversal of history, it came down to the last turn when his Imperial Guard corps beat the British Guard Corps at Waterloo for a last-minute French victory – a cracking little game and an excellent system. We also had a few games of Star Wars: X-Wing which is more of a minis game than a board game I suppose, but a fun fast-playing system whatever it is.

On the Vassal front, I had 2 games of “Shifting Sands” and 2 of “Kingdom of Heaven”, one of each with my school friend David (http:// and one of each with Gary of Sgt Steiner blog fame ( I also played a couple of games of Command & Colours:Ancients with Gary.

For those who read last year’s summary of my board gaming year, “Sekigahara” still lies unstickered and GMT have now issued a 2nd edition which has a big enough box to fit all the components in – ARGHHH!. As mentioned, I got “Cuba Libra” in the Autumn and my lovely wife got me “No Retreat – African Front” for Christmas, so hoping to get that on the table soon.

Next year I’m looking forward to “FAB Golan” (420 pre-orders) and the “Norway 1940″ expansion for “PQ17″ (388 pre-orders) – both from GMT, but looking at those pre-orders, I can’t see them getting printed next year. The next game in the COIN series is “Fire in the Lake” which is set in Vietnam will be printed, and though I love the theme, I’ll wait until it’s released before I commit to buying it. So with not a lot of new stuff on the near horizon, maybe I’ll get some of those old games on the table? We shall see….. 🙂


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  1. I have not touched KOH since our Vassal game which is a shame as I love the subject matter. Not sure about the Coin series games although Vietnam appeals. Hoping to get a good look at NR2 soon

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