Miniature wargames in 2013 and plans for 2014

Rebel Cavalry in Longstreet game

Rebel Cavalry in the Longstreet game

So we reach the end of a pretty dismal year for the number of miniature games played. I commented  last year on how much skirmish gaming had become the norm with us, and that trend continued this year with some excellent games of “Saga” and new kid on the block, the impressive “In Her Majesty’s Name” from Osprey. “Muskets and Tomahawks” got a bit of a look in (but not as much as I would have liked), while World War 2 games of “Bolt Action” and “Chain of Command” allowed comparison of these two platoon level rule sets – currently “Chain of Command” is favoured for the next game, especially in light of the Spanish Civil War lists for CoC currently being published by Too Fat Lardies on their blog. The author of the lists Jim Hale has provided a useful index to the lists as they are published:- Now is the time to build this baby I think!

Lancia fiamme (“flamethrower”) at Bovington – my Empress model kit is currently awaiting assembly

I only achieved one target out of the 9 from last year’s to-do list (playing ACW Naval), but then “In Her Majesty’s Name” did come along at Salute and took all my painting and playing time in May. After that, illness prevented me from doing much, though I did manage to finish painting and re-basing my 15mm Celts in time for a “Field of Glory:Ancients” run out in November – the only big battle game of the year as it turns out. There were a further 2 aborted attempts at larger scale battles, both rulesets written by Sam Mustafa – “Might and Reason” and “Longstreet”. The reason the games weren’t finished was nothing to do with the quality of the rules, just life getting in the way.

Might and Reason WSS using the "Sun King" rules expansion

Might and Reason WSS using the “Sun King” rules expansion

Though mentioned in last year’s post, the Raiders supplement for Dux Britanniarum has not appeared as yet, but rumours are it will be out in February 2014. Not a problem, as I now have a pile of painted Scots and Irish for Saga which will do nicely for Picts when the need arises.

Irish Raiders

Irish Raiders

So, the top 10 games to play in 2014 are:-

  1. SCW using Chain of Command
  2. 15mm Marlburian either using Might & Reason or Die Fighting (which has had some WSS changes published of late)
  3. Napoleonic naval using ”Blood, Bilge & Iron Balls”
  4. Fantasy battles using “Hostile Realms” (Piquet) or “Kings of War”

  5. In Her Majesty’s Name (got a new company for Xmas)
  6. Dux Britanniarum with Raiders supplement
  7. ACW using Longstreet
  8. Muskets and Tomahawks with larger forces
  9. Field of Glory:Ancients
  10. Dreadball sci-fi sports game (Xmas present)

Have a happy New Year.


4 responses to “Miniature wargames in 2013 and plans for 2014

  1. Happy New Year!! We will likely coincide in the SCW CoC in the future, but my focus short term is North Africa

    • Thanks – I would love to do North Africa in 28mm with all the new Perry plastics being released, but I already have a lot of 10mm Pendraken models for that theatre painted or waiting to be painted – I’m not going to do it in yet another scale (famous last words!). I’m only a few figures away from fielding complete painted forces for the SCW in 28mm so I’m going to try and concentrate on that – however, as you say on your blog, with the 100th anniversary of WW1 approaching, it’s going to be hard to resist a dabble in that as well, especially as I have a ton of unpainted 28mm figures for “Through the mud and the Blood”…

  2. Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way but good variety of games at least. M&R Sun King is excellent. look forward to hearing what you think of Longstreet

    • Hi Gary, my initial reaction to Longstreet was that it didn’t have the “wow” factor which Maurice had, but I haven’t given it a fair chance yet. That said, because each player has their own deck, it could be played over a Facetime link where Maurice couldn’t as the deck is shared. Cheers Norman

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