Field of Glory Ancients (30/11/2013 Solo)

Finally – a run through of FOG:A. Inspired to finish my 15mm troops by Sgt Steiner’s accounts on his blog, they have finally made it on to the table (with a lot of help from Lancashire Games excellent painting service!).  I discovered a few rules I hadn’t picked up on my read-throughs (e.g. Impact Foot – even Romans it seems – are Shock troops and have to pass a test to stop an uncontrolled charge if in range), but mostly this was a chance to get a flavour of the rules rather than getting every nuance right. I played Gallic against Middle Republican Roman and hadn’t a clue if I was using the correct tactics most of the time, but even at this early stage there were some fun moments – average Roman cavalry charging and breaking superior Gallic types or 3 bases of Hastati beating up 8 bases of Gaestati. First impressions are excellent and I’m looking forward to a game against an opponent over Christmas.







2 responses to “Field of Glory Ancients (30/11/2013 Solo)

  1. Hi Norman great to see you get a go at last and good to see you enjoyed the experience. Nice armies on show

  2. Thanks Gary – I could have done with you on hand to answer some questions, but I think I got there in the end. Need to practice correct use of skirmish infantry and cavalry I think, especially as the next game will be with Carthaginians. Cheers, Norman

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