In Her Majesty’s Name – part 2 (06/05/13 – Solo)

Knowing Lady Felicity and her escort were the only figures eligible to fire, and that they would soon have him in their sights, Professor Abir cast Zone of Shadows and succeeded (just – rolled a 3, which was exactly what was required). Lady Felicity’s shot became impossible, even when adding the rifleman escort as volley fire and adding her SV of +4 concentrated in a single shot. She couldn’t hit the Professor as the rules don’t count 10 as an auto-hit – an impossible shot is impossible – and the 10 needed to hit a mere Cultist wasn’t achieved either.

Mad Mick fights for his life

Mad Mick fights for his life

Mad Mick couldn’t fire his Arc Pistol in close combat for fear of electrocuting himself (not THAT mad), so had to engage the Cultists with the butt of his Arc pistol. In the end, neither Mad Mick nor the 2 Cultists (with +1 for a club and +1 for outnumbering Mad Mick) could score a hit, so the game moved on to the next turn. Melee is handled in the same way as shooting, in that each figure has a fighting value (FV) ranging from +0 to +4 (the Pharaoh), to which is added the modifier for the weapon used along with any talents/mystical abilities and a D10 roll trying to equal or beat the armour of the target. There is a choice to be made between taking the outnumbering bonus (each figure adds +1 to their roll) or mobbing (where one roll is made and each figure adds +1 to the roll up to a maximum of 3 extra). In the Cultists against Mad Mick melee it was better to take the +1 to each roll, but if there were 4 then the +3 to 1 roll might have been better.

Around the fountain, the club-armed Cultists piled in numbers in an attempt to mob and take out Mad Mick and in response the rifle armed Incorrigibles piled in to help. The 2 pistol armed Cultists lined the wall hoping to shoot Lord Curr in the back, but Mohan Singh moved to cover them with his MG, while the shotgun armed Incorrigibles stood their ground to take an aimed shot at them. Sairah ducked down into the boat to make Lord Curr’s shot more difficult (I counted the boat as -3 cover). Before Lady Felicity could move, the Pharaoh cast Mesmerism in an attempt to make her escort attack her. The cast succeeded and the escort failed his Pluck roll, so he charged Lady Felicity.

Reel around the fountain

Reel around the fountain

As the Servants of Ra had initiative, as their first action in the shooting phase the Professor tried to cast Zone of Shadows again to minimise the effect of shooting around the fountain – he failed this time, but not by enough to injure himself (a failed cast followed by a 1 on a D10 renders the caster prone). The MG lined up a shot along the wall, splitting the SV correctly this time 🙂 between the 2 pistol armed Cultists and ending up with an SV of +6 against each – eeek! Amazingly, one shot missed, but the nearest Cultist was torn apart by the fire. The surviving Cultist missed Singh by a mile, only to himself be torn apart by a volley from 3 shotguns – things were looking bad for the Servants of Ra, though Lord Curr’s arc rifle missed Sairah.

In the melee phase, thanks to the intervention of the Incorrigibles, Mad Mick survived again, with the only casualties being the outnumbered Cultist and Lady Felicity’s escort, who the good Lady had to flatten as he was under the control of the Pharaoh. There was no way that the Servants of Ra could now contest the board as they were down to 5 figures, so they slipped away into the town, leaving Lord Curr’s force victorious.

After the decisive melee

After the decisive melee

As I thought, the Servants of Ra are not a good force to begin with – a lot of their strengths lie in combination of mystic powers and their mystics can each cast one in each phase, which I sometimes forgot to do. Also, I used the Mystic powers which were on the sheet included with the figures – I probably would choose other ones if I were to pick them myself. Lord Curr’s company on the other hand just blasted away and hoped for the best – my kind of chaps! I didn’t get to try out grenades from Mad Mick, but apart from that I think I tried out most aspects of the rules – I think the game experience will improve even further when I learn what the special abilities of each figure do and what tactics each company should  use. Due to the alternating activation system, the rules aren’t the best to play solo, though some sort of random chit activation would spice up the solo game no doubt.

Next time, Lord Curr will be up against these bounders – damn their hides!



Todtruppen - (un)dead Prussians

Todtruppen – (un)dead Prussians

I bid you good day.


2 responses to “In Her Majesty’s Name – part 2 (06/05/13 – Solo)

  1. More well painted weirdness 🙂

  2. I know Gary, I can’t seem to snap out of skirmish mode (painting and gaming) at the moment. This wasn’t even on the horizon for me at New Year, now I’m thinking I might do Samurai skirmish next – I say, steady on old chap 🙂

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