Bolt Action (13/04/13 – Tom)


6pdr & tow jeep

Basically this was a stand-up fight for a bridge between a platoon of regular Germans with a Stug and a Puma against a platoon of veteran Paras with a Tetrarch, 6 pdr and a recce Jeep. In the scenario we chose, “Take and Hold”, I had a squad and an MMG on the table with everything else at the board edge or in reserve, while the Germans started off with all their infantry on the table.

Puma on run up to bridge

Puma on run up to bridge

I thought I was going to be overwhelmed, but a combination of good activations and the Germans’ hesitation in their advance allowed me to get all my troops on to the table by turn 2, while the German armour failed their rolls to come on until turn 3. The game degenerated into a fire fight along the heavily wooded riverbank, with few casualties being caused to either side and the bridge remained contested for a drawn result. Once again we didn’t get into close combat so we have yet to try those rules out.

Recce jeep being annoying on bridge

Recce jeep being annoying on bridge

Over the course of the game, the Stug put 2 rounds into Tetrarch, but one was only glancing, starting a fire which the crew managed to easily put out. The second round, though rolled twice on the damage table due to big penetration roll, only stunned the crew and immobilised the vehicle – in the end it was finished off by a Panzerschreck round. (the Panzerschreck is to the right of the Stug in the photo below – a quality shot to be sure!)

Tetrarch pops one off at the Stug

Tetrarch pops one off at the Stug

The Recce rule allowed my jeep for 3 turns running to drive on to and perch astride the bridge, fire its MMG then use a recce move to reverse back off the bridge and out of LOS when anyone drew a bead on it. The Puma latched onto this idea, and by turn 4 we had both the Puma & the Jeep taking it in turns to execute this manoeuvre on the bridge. We realised that the way to stop this nonsense was to put someone on overwatch overlooking the damned bridge but we never seemed to get the dice out in the right order, so we’re thinking of house-ruling this to having to roll an order test before doing the escape move to introduce some doubt into the proceedings.

Germans advance through the corn

Germans advance through the corn

Another good run-out for the rules and I’m looking forward to using them for the SCW next – their quick playtime makes them ideal for a Saturday afternoon which is usually all the time we’ve got.

6pdr relocates

6pdr relocates

Of course, that SCW report will be at least a few weeks away as it’s “lock up your wallet” time next weekend – Salute is on in London! High on the list of things to see are the Lardies’ “Chain of Command” WW2 Platoon rules to see how they compare with “Bolt Action”. In the meantime, watch out on the blog for a report on a 3-player game of Saga from last weekend.

Recce jeep in hiding

Recce jeep in hiding – if only that 6pdr was on overwatch!


4 responses to “Bolt Action (13/04/13 – Tom)

  1. That is super terrain and gorgeous looking kit on display !
    Am undecided about Bolt Action lots of good things not least the quick play aspect but as with all Warlord rules one seems to end up with lots of tweaks/house rules 🙂

    • Thanks Gary. I can’t even comment on the problems with the close combat rules you highlighted, but agree some tweaking needed, especially with Recce ability. The Chain of Command Patrol Phase and jump-off markers looks really interesting compared to the Bolt Action “Hidden” mechanic.

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