Miniature wargames in 2012 and plans for 2013

Below is a picture of my son’s troops trying to take out my warlord during a recent game of Saga. We were laughing about this incident yesterday in a tea break during a quick game of X Wing, then he changed the subject and started asking about ordering tickets for this year’s Salute – it was then I realised how quickly last year had flown in! I do look back on which boardgames I have managed to play over the year at New Year, but haven’t done so far with figure games, so here’s an attempt. I’m hoping this sort of thing will concentrate my painting efforts more on what needs to be done rather than what takes my fancy, but I also think it’s interesting to see what changes during the year – I mean, who would have thought Muskets & Tomahawks and Maurice would have featured so much in my gaming this time last year?

Saga - Clash with the Warlord

Saga – Clash with the Warlord

On balance I seem to have played a lot more board games than figure games this year, which is disappointing, but may be something to do with the slow speed I paint figures at. Also, if I’m honest, my days of painting large armies are in the past and skirmish gaming seems to be the way I’m heading due to the low number of figures I have to paint – and why not? Saga, Dux Britanniarum and Musket & Tomahawks are fabulous rulesets which have inspired most of my painting this year (apart from the odd ACW unit diversion and WW2 tank). The fact that the figures needed are in 28mm (which I can see to paint) and small numbers of them are needed for these skirmish games is no co-incidence! Dux Bellorum were also a set of rules I admired – though set at a higher level than the skirmish games mentioned, it takes a DBA-like approach of representing armies with 10-12 elements for which I have just used my normal Dark Age figures on sabot bases.

Dux Brit in action

Dux Brit in action

I have only played 2 large scale games all year, what I would call battles as opposed to skirmishes  – Field of Battle 2 was used for a Napoleonics game and Maurice was used for Marlburian. Of the two, Maurice was my favourite (just) though my regular opponent favoured FoB2 – to be fair they are both excellent and I would be willing to play either at the drop of a hat.

A piece of terrain appears to foil the British cavalry!

A piece of terrain appears to foil the British cavalry!

I enjoyed the mechanics in “Maurice” from Sam Mustafa, so I’m really looking forward to his new set “Longstreet” which will incorporate many of the same mechanisms, especially as I have loads of ACW troops painted and ready to go (for a change!).

M&T Civilian officer

M&T Civilian officer

I’m also looking forward to the Raiders supplement for Dux Britanniarum and have a pile of Picts waiting to be painted when I know what the army composition will be – these will also serve as Irish in Saga Irish (I got the new Raven’s Shadow Saga supplement for Christmas). Too Fat Lardies platoon level set Chain of Command may also knock Bolt Action off its perch as the favoured set of WW2 rules, but whatever set wins (because my wife bought me the new plastic Warlord WW2 Russians for Christmas) I expect a force of Ruskies for one of these rulesets in the offing around Easter. And talking of Too Fat Lardies, I have yet to play IABSM. I’m planning 8th Army against DAK in 10mm if my eyes are still up to it!

Besides the games mentioned above which will definitely see some plays this year, the rest of the “to play” list is fairly predictable and some carried over from last year (or even before) :-

  1. 15mm Marlburian either using Field of Battle 2, Might & Reason, Die Fighting or Black Powder
  2. Napoleonic naval using “Blood, Bilge & Iron Balls”
  3. SCW using anything which will work – maybe “A World Aflame” from Osprey or “Bolt Action” with amendments
  4. ACW Naval using “Hammering Iron” from Peter Pig DONE
  5. 7TV
  6. Dystopian Wars
  7. 40K new edition
  8. Fantasy with “Hostile Realms” (Piquet) or “Kings of War”
  9. WW1 using “Through the Mud and the Blood”

It’s a long list and a short year, but at least everything on this list apart from the WW1 stuff is painted (or close to it…). Let’s see how we get on.


3 responses to “Miniature wargames in 2012 and plans for 2013

  1. Those Dark Age figures are gorgeous !! Shields are especially nice.
    Indeed a toss up between FOB2 and Maurice

    • Hi Gary – thanks. The shields are Little Big Man transfers so I can only take credit for painting round the edges 🙂 Wait until you see my Normans – the LBM shields are even nicer. Been thinking about our chat on balancing FoB2 card decks and may take the coward’s way out and do M&R…cheers, Norman

  2. Maxamillian Walker

    Some good things to look forward to for 2013. I too am waiting for the Dux Brit raider supplement.

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