No Peace Without Spain (PBEM on Vassal – Gary)

My first attempt at this game PBEM on Vassal and I must say it works very well, though we haven’t had to handle a card interrupt yet.

Gary has done all the hard work and posted a turn-by-turn report on his blog – the screen shots are all hand-crafted by Gary as the Vassal module doesn’t have the normal screen-capture button for some reason.

I’ll add links to the new turns as they’re played.

1702 part 1 –

1702 part 2 –

1703 –

1704 –

1705 –

1706 –

1707 –

1708 –

1709 –

1710 –



4 responses to “No Peace Without Spain (PBEM on Vassal – Gary)

  1. Hand crafted with crayons 🙂

  2. A top effort nonetheless. I’m reading “Normandy Firefight” at the moment and thinking a report on that might end the figure games drought on my blog.

  3. Look forward to reading about this new set

  4. Norman

    I think I made mistake in last log file regarding Fortifed lines I placed 2 but think neither location hadvthecrquired 5 Corps in place please check and simply delete them if so (I had no other uses for the 2 RPs spent anyhow)

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