Salute 21/04/2012

A grand day out at Salute in London yesterday, made even better by gamer friends from my schooldays in Northern Ireland making it along as well. Purchases were mostly rulesets due to an embargo on adding to the lead mountain and using the figures I have rather than getting in to new periods (but see below…)

However, if I had managed to pick up a set of the new “Muskets & Tomahawks” ruleset from Gripping Beast, I’m sure I would be buying some Hurons and Mohicans on-line this morning – luckily Gripping Beast were sold out by the time I got to their stand, so panic over….til I can get a copy. I just can’t resist anything that says card driven on the tin at the moment, and coupled with the fact that Last of the Mohicans was one of the first books I ever read (and I love the film), this was a sure buy for me.

On Location

The 7TV participation game “On Her Majesty’s Crooked Service” looked absolutely splendid, though very busy, so no chance of picking up a game. I did however pick up my Crooked Dice 7TV “On Location” supplement and some bits and pieces from their stand. Also on the list were the Saga “Northern Fury” supplement, Normandy Firefight, Operation Squad Moderns and Hostile Realms (sold to me by Gonsalvo’s excellent recent run-down on his “Blunders on the Danube” blog and the fact that I am heartily sick of GW tinkering with Warhammer Fantasy)

For us the stand-out game was Corunna. I didn’t see that many of the display games being gamed as it were, and this one was no exception. Maidstone Wargames club president gave us a great run-down on their 6mm Pegasus Bridge game (of special interest to my son and me as we have visited the site in Normandy). They were using a cut down Flames of War as their rules just for the show, though it seems they wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole otherwise! Given that I bought the last edition not so long ago and now there’s another edition out in short order, I can relate to that.

So some new reading material and new rules to try out, but nothing to really kick-start the current lack of painting progress malaise. Still, a day out with old friends is hard to come by these days, so thanks to David, Ian and his son, and my son Tom for being there and putting up with me.


5 responses to “Salute 21/04/2012

  1. Really jealous you got to Salute. Normandy Firefight ? is that the new ultra-skirmish set by bloke that wrote KGNormandy ? I have a painting malaise myself not touched a brush since before Christmas !!!

  2. Hi Gary,

    That’s right, it’s the guy who wrote KGNormandy. It was only a tenner and though it’s meant for 54mm figures it has conversion tables for 28mm, so I thought “why not?” – someone should have wrestled me to the ground and stopped me at this point as I haven’t even tried KGNormandy or IABSM3 yet, so the last thing I need is more WW2 rulesets!

    There’s some info at and also a run-through in last month’s WI (this month’s WI has an article on Maurice by the author, which I know would interest you).



  3. I have played KGN once (Solo) and thought it was rather good but then Normandy is fav of mine (having been there once myself). I too have IABSM3 complete with card deck but not tried yet !!! amazing aint it 🙂

  4. I was thinking of IABSM in 10mm and I see TFL have just published their Western Front supplement – perfect for Normandy – I just have to knock up a few stands to use as Big Men.

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