Thunder at the Crossroads 08/04/2012 (Nick)

I have “No Better Place to Die”, also in the Gamer’s ACW Brigade level series, so when Nick suggested playing the Gettysburg game in the series, I was quite keen to see how it worked on the table. When I initially scanned the rules years ago, I had been put off by the written orders and casualty record sheets, but when you’re actually playing it all seems to make sense.

Thunder at the Crossroads box art

The scenario was from day 2 – Longstreet’s attack, with the objectives being the Wheatfield, Little Round Top and the road behind the Tops. After a turn I was well into the swing of the rules, and though I’m sure my tactics probably left a lot to be desired,  I had broken a couple of (admittedly green) Union brigades when we had to call time. A neat system and a good game, made better by my Texas brigade blowing a huge hole in the Union line at Devil’s Den!

My “No Better Place to Die” (which covers the battle of Stone’s River) will probably be our next outing in this series, though I’d love to get some ACW figure gaming in at some point in the near future as well – dream on…


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