No Peace Without Spain 07/04/2012 (David – Vassal)

A quick try-out for a real-time Vassal game with a friend in Northern Ireland, which turned out to be one of the more unusual turn 1 sequences I have seen. We both drew hands of 3,2,2,1 and me being Marlborough and wanting to go first, played a 3.

I did the usual – advanced to Liege (the French failed the intercept and retreated leaving a corps behind), sent the force from London to Cadiz and added a strength point to a half-strength corps. The Bourbons played a 2, charged the Elector out of Munich to Ulm,  then marched an army under Vendome to Mantua to take on Eugene in Italy. Eugene sent the French back with their tail between their legs without getting himself killed in the process, and this left the way to an unmanned Munich wide open.

The Vassal module in action

I played a 2 card next thinking that Munich would wait and that I had to take Liege and Cadiz by siege – 2 rolls of ‘1’ later made me regret that. The Bourbons rallied and built up their forces, so with my next card (a ‘1’) I marched Eugene to Munich and laid siege after the Elector tried to intercept and failed. The French advanced their main army up the coast to Bergen-op-zoom and I left a Dutch corps behind to hold against a siege while retreating the other Dutch corps and leader to Amsderdam. The Elector made a futile attempt to take on Eugene and lift the siege of Munich which predictably failed due to the odds of 2 against his 1 (even though Eugene again rolled 4 ‘1’s out of 6 dice, the other 2 hit leaving the Elector needing to hit on all 3 of his dice to win).

This left me with only a 2 card and 3 sieges to do on my last turn – I chose Liege and Munich and left Cadiz reasoning that Munich was worth 8 VP – I needn’t have worried so much! Another ‘1’ at Liege and a ‘3’ at Munich meant that both sieges had failed and both Eugene and Marlborough had to retreat into winter quarters. The French on their last turn managed to reduce the fortress of Bergen-op-zoom to rubble, but still the Dutch corps held on. Bourbon control of the Med was uncontested as the Alliance forces at Cadiz also sailed home for the winter, and things looked bleak for the Alliance after a promising start.

No photographs this time and the Vassal module seems to be missing the capture screen button, but a fun turn none-the-less. To be continued…


4 responses to “No Peace Without Spain 07/04/2012 (David – Vassal)

  1. Hi David, I’m the designer and came across your replay. Certainly enjoying following the game’s progress! Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi Don,

    Thanks for designing such an enjoyable game.
    Are you working on any other designs at the moment?


    • Sorry Norman, saw David’s name at the top and thought he was the author. Appreciate the kind words. I’ve started doing some research on a Seven Years War game using similar mechanics – very preliminary work though so no timetable yet. 🙂

      • No problem Don – people were always mixing us up at school as we were the only 2 geeks interested in wargames in the class (wait until David reads this!). I would definitely be interested in a SYW game based on this system.

        I’ve just started a PBEM Vassal game with Sgt Steiner who I met on the NPwS forum on BGG – I’m sure one of us will post a game report when we finish.

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