ZombieTV rules in print

I held off buying this variant of the splendid 7TV ruleset at Halloween as it was available as a PDF only. I don’t know what it is with me and PDFs – I end up printing them out and spending a fortune on ink and paper only to be disappointed with the result, so I always buy a hardcopy where possible. Crooked Dice have decided to release a limited edition print run of these rules, and very grateful we are too – I ordered one right away, and it arrived the very next day.


Four scenarios featuring survivors and zombies are provided, though it would be fairly easy to come up with your own. These rules may appeal to the solo wargamer more so than the full 7TV system, given that all scenarios can be played solo with zombies behaving in a randomised manner. I plan to adapt some of the supplied scenarios to feature some military snacks for the Zombies. then I can get to use all those U.S. Rangers and Humvees I painted last year. A Grunt co-star archetype is supplied the rules, so the stats are there to do this.

A feature which I really liked about the base rules was that they provided pre-generated cast lists, and these have been provided in this supplement as well (though I may draw the line at the Scooby Doo cast!).

Time to break out the GW Zombies and Ghouls….


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