Board Wargames played during 2011

It’s time for the annual Boardgame review again (that came around pretty quickly!). The highlight of the year for me has been finally getting Here I Stand to the table, though only with 3 players – Nick managed to play and win the 5 player version at a con for 9.5 hours – lucky boy! Playing a 5 player game over Vassal has sort-of made up for it, but not quite.

I’ve also managed to play a few games of C&C Napoleonics, C&C Ancients and Labyrinth over Vassal with my friend David in Norn Iron, so all-in-all it hasn’t been a bad year, apart from the drought from July to October as a result of the back injury.

First up in the new year may be Sekigahara (a Christmas present from my wife) and the postponed Fighting Formations scenario 8.

January – Command & Colours Napoleonics x2

March – Stalin’s War & Labyrinth

April – Labyrinth, Combat Commander Europe & Here I Stand (2 player)

May – Here I Stand (3 player) & FAB: Bulge

June – Combat Commander Europe

November – Fighting Formations x2 (scenarios 0 & 9)

December – Napoleon’s Triumph

Happy New Year!


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