Fighting Formations 13/11/2011 (Nick)

I got this game for my birthday in June, but only managed to first punch out and push around some counters over our half-term break in October. There is an introductory scenario supplied so that seemed like a good enough jumping-off point with Nick.

We have played Combat Commander by the same designer a few times, but the initiative system of Fighting Formations is such that there is a lot of “what should I do next” if you’re new to the game, as taking the most attractive order option is not necessarily the best course because you might hand back 2 or 3 successive activations to your opponent. Also the number of different orders caused us to miss things, the most crucial being that that a move and fire order for tanks penalises you down a dice size  – some of my Stugs were taken out by T34s after I ran out of asset cards taking out the first wave (special actions include throwing away an asset card to load better armour piercing ammo which can be really effective at short range), and the second wave got me, but only by rolling the wrong dice size.

We plan to continue with another scenario from Fighting Formations next weekend because our usual form is to play a game once then not play it again for a few months, by which time we have forgotten most of the rules and any tactics we had worked out – we’ll see…


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