More ACW rules (and some others)

Not a lot of gaming going on at the minute, but lots of planning for future games being done!

First impressions are that the new scenario generator is excellent, and although the games produced wouldn’t be exactly historical, they look fun which is more important for me. I polished off the rest of my ships this weekend as I need 6 ships a side for the game, and hope to give them a try soon.

Also on the horizon is a try-out of the Gripping Beast “Saga” rules using my GW Lord of the Rings figures as proxies – Gondor will be the Anglo-Danes and Isengard will be the Vikings. The use of the special dice in the rules remind me of some boardgames where you allocate dice to actions or special abilities (Fantasy Flight’s “War of the Ring” for example), so I’m really looking forward to these, but don’t want to buy in more new figures before giving the rules a road test.

Lastly, it being Halloween tomorrow, I’ve ordered “Witchfinder General: Days of Revelation” from Warlord Games.

The English Civil War is one of my favourite periods, and I probably have enough figures such as witches and men in floopy hats to give the rules a spin with no more painting needed – that’ll be a first!


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