Yet more new rulesets….

While my back slowly recovers and the long wait for Field of Battle 2 goes on, my roving eye has been taken by 2 new rulesets – well, 1 new ruleset and an expansion. 

First up is “Bull Run to Gettysburg” by David Bickley published by Foundry


 Though these rules need slightly larger units than FOB, they do look playable on a 6×4 table with 10-12 units per side(which is about all the units I have painted). Sample games seem to come in at 2-3 hours, and the questions I had after an initial read-through were quickly answered by the author – I’m really looking forward to getting these on the table when my back’s up to it.

Secondly, the vehicle rules for “Operation Squad” have been released by Warlord games. I had good fun with the infantry-only rules, but a quick read of the supplement left me wondering if tanks might be too much, and half tracks and armoured cars might be better. I need to give a try-out (yes, something else to add to the queue)!


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