Field of Battle ACW 03/07/2011 Part 2 (Solo)

It’s been a long while since I finished part 1 of this report, and even longer since I played the game, but in my defence I’ve injured my back, and haven’t done any painting or gaming (or much sitting down) for 8 weeks or so. With the new FOB rules release not far away now, it seems pointless to go through the rest of the battle in detail, so I will do another report in a month or so when I might have my hands on the new printing. In the meantime, here are the rest of the photos from the game.

7th Wisconsin

For Veterans, these guys shot like greenhorns!

Texas Brigade prepares a volley

After the ineffectual Union volley, the Texas brigade returned the fire….

The gap in the Union line

with startling results – 2 out of the 3 Iron Brigade turned and ran, leaving an artillery battery and a single regiment (19th Indiana) off to their right.
Crisis on the Union Right
Luckily the Union turned a sequence of cards which allowed the 19th Indiana to march to the  battery’s rescue just before the Rebels closed to contact. 

Union left holds

Meanwhile, the Union centre failed its command roll, and was unable to reinforce their left flank.

19th Indiana rout

 In the ensuing melee, the 19th Indiana failed against odds of 3-1 and routed off the table, while their supporting battery was destroyed. With their flank turned by 2 Rebel brigades, the remaining Union troops would have had no choice but to withdraw, so I ended the game there. 
I’m still not managing anything in the way of games, so the blog may be quiet for a few weeks yet, but hopefully normal service will return in October. 

2 responses to “Field of Battle ACW 03/07/2011 Part 2 (Solo)

  1. Some very nice photos, I like the look of the red zouves, I’ll look forward to your next report.

  2. Thanks Ray. I’ve been following the BLB posts on your blog as the 9 Years War is a period I’m interested in, but I’m unlikely to be able to paint enough troops to play it!
    I’m hoping to play the new Foundry ACW rules “Bull Run to Gettysburg” with these troops next.

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