Combat Commander Europe – 12/06/2011 (Nick)

This time we played the 2nd scenario from the base game, “Hedgerows and Hand Grenades” – Yanks v German Volksgrenadier and Conscripts. We called it a draw after 3.5 hours of me stonking his troops with artillery, them breaking, me playing a rout card and them retreating to the edge of the board only to rally just before they left the board. We also had the MG42 HMG of Doom – 3 separate units got their hands on it (1 German & 2 Yanks) and all broke and routed off the board without actually hitting anything with it.

I was very lucky with my artillery on turn 1 and kept up the pressure with the rout cards, but Nick got a defence line together eventually and with the aid of fox-holes even his worst units became tough nuts to crack. I pulled out 2 time events in the first few turns which not only gave the German’s VPs but shortened the game time remaining, so as the Yanks I had to get a shift on as the Germans start in control of all the VP locations – I think at one point it was 13-0 in VPs (!), but by the end of the game, German casualties and a couple of buildings captured by the Yanks had made the gap a lot closer. The scenario seems really well balanced and could have gone either way when we called time, but the fact the game took three and a half hours is worrying – maybe it’s just us!


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