Here I Stand – 17/04/2011(Nick)

Now, we’ve been putting off a game of Here I Stand for far too long. With the re-print from GMT I was able to pimp up my copy and we agreed to do a 2-player game prior to a face-to-face 3 player and a Vassal 3-player. Nick was the Protestants and I was the Papacy, but with the game being driven along by the diplomatic deck, we didn’t know quite what to expect. I’ve played through the 95 Theses and Diet of Worms phases on the Vassal server with my friend David, but we never got to the Diplomatic card play phase, which only happens from turn 2 onwards – by the way, David managed to convert all 5 spaces he targetted in the 95 Theses phase (jammy as ever), so I was hoping Nick wouldn’t pull the same stunt.

Guess what – he converted all 5 spaces, followed by 3 in the Diet of Worms – arghh! Burning Melanchthon at the stake in a debate for 3 VPs was some consolation, but even when I converted spaces back to Catholicism, Nick would get them back next impulse – I only counted 2 or 3 failed Reformation attempts in the whole game. The reformation only started to falter when it crossed the border into France, and even when the French New Testament was translated, I managed to hold it at the border. The shock of the game was London going Protestant with the publication of the English New Testament (1 die against 7 and he rolled a 6) – Woolsey was not amused, and a few burnings later, it flipped back to Catholic. We ended the game after turn 4 with the Schmalkaldic League event card played as it had not come out of the deck, and the VPs at 22 for the Protestants and 20 for the Papacy. Luckily I had 5 points for completing St. Peter’s and 5 points for burning 2 reformers or I would have lost through a domination victory.

Positions at the end of turn 4

Above is the finishing positions which I’ve put into Vassal so as we can resume via e-mail or face-to-face. The only rule that we played wrong that I can find was that we allowed adjacent space support for conversion attempts over passes, but as we both benefited from this, it won’t really have swung the game one way or the other. An excellent game, and look forward to the 3-player face-off soon.


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