Terrible Sharp Sword – 16/04/2011 (Tom & Too Fat Lardies)

Major Tom rolls the dice

I’ve been trying to twist Tom’s arm into playing Sharp Practice for ages, and at Salute we were admiring the Too Fat Lardies ACW game when Tom was offered a commission on the Union side. I think the Union  forces were meant to be looking for a Confederate spy and finding him would win them the game, but instead all they seemed to manage to do was stir up a hornet’s nest of Rebs whose dice-rolling was phenominal. I have never seen so many hits rolled nor points of shock rolled off on demand, and never have I seen my son roll so badly – ever. Tom’s troops are the guys skulking in the woods at the top.

Reb Allotment

In the end the spy went undiscovered and the Rebs successfully defended their allotment – what the guy waving the chicken around was all about was anyone’s guess, though to quote one of the Lardies “Jebidiah sure does love his chickens – ah mean, he REALLY does love his chickens”.

Lookee here boys, I got me a chicken!

Also at Salute was a 1/32 scale Arnhem game which just made you go “wow!”. I noticed Airfix Paras which I played with myself eons ago, but much better painted than mine were.

Arnhem Bridge

The level of detail on the table was amazing – this would never fit in my house never mind my dining room.

German reserves

One of my favourite periods is the English Civil War, though I have had several failed attempts at painting up armies for it – it’s probably a rules thing (as usual). I don’t know what rules these guys were using (turns out it was PIQUET), but their “Alternative Siege of Worcester 1651” with working candles in the buildings looked absolutely splendid.

Worcester walls

On the inevitable shopping spree front we picked up a couple of Humvees for Force on Force, bits and pieces for Dystopian Wars and lots of bare metal for the new Franco-Prussian war project – in the end we weren’t too badly burnt….

Worcester Fight

Finally, the new Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy looks great and has King Billy on the cover, so will be getting a new subscription from me for one!


2 responses to “Terrible Sharp Sword – 16/04/2011 (Tom & Too Fat Lardies)

  1. Ha…I spotted the spy right away..just look closely at the cabbages (top row number 4), and why can’t a man love his chickens, I remember in the Shogun book someone was offered a duck.
    Yeah the Arnhem bridge one looks amazing, as you say it must be massive.

  2. Sharon reckons if there were real goats in that field, there wouldn’t be any cabbages left, so you could be right about that spy….

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