Labyrinth (the War on Terror) – 03/04/2011 (Nick)

We rolled for sides and I got the Jihadists again, and, in what turned out to be a really short game, got my ass well and truly kicked by the Yanks. Early regime change in Afganistan worked a treat for them, with an increase in prestige for America the maximum difference on 2 dice of a 5 – this put prestige at 12 where it stayed for more or less the whole game. Coupled with a totally failed major Jihad in Central Asia, this led to rogue states quickly falling into line via a heavily weighted War of Ideas roll (I only counted 1 failure in the game for War of Ideas). Goverance rolls which are slanted towards poor were turning up fair (even Somalia!), so in the end I had no answer to the onslaught and Nick cruised past the 12 victory points he needed from Good country resources.

I’ve played several games on Vassal but this is the worst defeat I’ve suffered. On the bright side, it was over so quickly we had time to play another game – see next post.

In a fortnight we shall be tackling Here I Stand for the first time – let’s hope my Martin Luther is more convincing than my Bin Laden!


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