Stalin’s War – 06/03/2011 (Nick)

Stalin’s War is a bit of a strange hybrid – it uses cards in the same way as Paths of Glory but has a hex grid on the board instead of point-to-point. The map is smaller than I thought it would be, and turns are 1 season. You don’t use a card to move units, so all units can move on a card play – you only need to spend an Ops point if you are the last unit to leave an enemy ZOC. Cards give Ops, Replacement points or events – if you play 2 ops in a row, then the 2nd gives you 1 less op point and the 3rd in a row gives you minus 2 etc, so it pays to use an event every now and again just to reset your ops. It ended up pretty historical after 4 hours and 5 seasons – I stopped the Axis short of Moscow, and Nick had turned south towards the oilfields where I was thinner on the ground.
There were a lot of fiddly rules which only applied for one turn or one card of a turn (e.g. Soviet Armies can’t attack German Panzer corps for the first few turns as they don’t have any AT capabilities – kept forgetting that one!) which was a bit of a turn-off. On the positive side, once we get the rules off, I reckon we could finish the tournament scenario in 4 hours, which isn’t bad for an Eastern Front game. The supply rule is brutal (like POG) – out of supply at end of turn – deaded right away – out of supply at start of combat – shift 1 column on CRT. As the Russian, trying for an orderly withdrawal, this led to difficulties and whole armies being eliminated – like I said, pretty historical….

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