Dystopian Wars 19/02/2011 (Tom)

A try out for the rules and some initial thoughts. We are big fans of Uncharted Seas, and these rules take the complexity up a notch, but will it be worth the effort? I took the Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet against Tom’s Kingdom of Britannia – I’m not sure being familiar with Uncharted Seas was a good or bad thing, as there are subtle differences. These rules see the addition of rockets which can be shot down by ship’s intrinsic AA and torpedoes which can be saved by concussion charges effectively give saving throws against non-gunnery attacks. Also gunnery attacks can now be saved by shield generators, but not all models have these, and in our game only the battleships had.

Bombers seem quite difficult to shoot down with weapons systems or with fighters. I sent in 6 EoBS fighters against 2 KoB Doncaster bombers after the bombers were climbing out a torpedo attack where they had badly damaged 2 of my cruisers – when my fighters bounced them I thought I had them, but no – my fighters were driven off with 1 casualty before I could even get an attack in. Tom tried shooting down my bombers with his battleship’s weapons, but again they weathered the flak and carried on.

I wanted to try out the tiny flyer rules, so sent a wave of unsupported dive bombers against Tom’s carrier which had fighters on CAP. After the AA and CAP had down their job, the dive bombers were either destroyed or driven off. In the future, I’m thinking I need to send in some fighters first to draw off the CAP, then soften up the carrier’s AA with some rockets, so there are some tactical combinations making sense already.

Morale tests are introduced in the rules, but we’re not yet sure if these are worth the effort. We dealt out the cards to play with, but were so caught up in the rules that we kept forgetting to play the cards, so ditched them after the first turn – we’ll try them again when we’ve mastered the rules. First impressions are very positive – lots more tactical option than Uncharted Seas, but more rules to remember – we didn’t even try out boarding actions, as in Uncharted Seas, ships have to be in contact, but in Dystopian Wars, the boarders have jet packs, so can jump from ship-to-ship to board, and we forgot this.

No pictures of this as nothing’s painted yet…


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