Command & Colours Napoleonics 30/01/2011 (Nick)

For our second try at C&C Napoleonics, we used the 2nd Rolica scenario. Nick took the French first, defending what looked like an unassailable position on a ridge, with the impassable terrain in front only allowing me as the British to attack along narrow fronts, and providing restricted fields of fire for my artillery. I got lucky with my cards after several piecemeal attacks were repulsed (Nick had BOTH Bombard cards in his hand at the start), and managed to get established on the left hand edge of the ridge. I repulsed the counter-attacks by drawing and using the 2 First Strike cards, got lucky with some dice rolls, and managed to scrape to 5 banners first by killing a leader.

For the second game, I decided that sitting on the ridge as the French was probably a bad idea, and in using the Portuguese in the first game, I noticed how weak they were, so when I drew my hand and saw that I had a run of cards for my left flank, I knew what my strategy would be – a banner in C&C is a banner after all, British or Portuguese.

Nick had also drawn a lot of left flank cards, so we both attacked on opposite flanks – I thought he had me when he played the strat move card, and managed to get behind my flank with a sizeable force, but the killing blow never came, as I later found out he couldn’t draw the right card to finish me off. When I had polished off the Portuguese on my left, I was able to counter-attack on my right against his standed units, and just got to 5 banners first again.  

An exciting and close couple of plays of the second scenario. We both had learnt a lot from the first game last week, and our tactics reflected this, in that we were a lot more cautious about exposing our troops to fire. Also, we didn’t expect too much from our leaders, as they are a lot weaker compared to C&C Ancients (though they still cost you a banner when they die – rolling sabres against a leader whose unit had been wiped out won me the first game just in time, as Nick would have made it to 5 banners on his next turn by killing one of my units).


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