Platoon Forward from Too Fat Lardies

Just downloaded this pdf from Too Fat Lardies, mainly for the solo scenario generator, though there are 2 other sections on character generation and a campaign system.

Cover of PDF

A quick read confirms that the scenario generator for solo games may be just what I’m looking for, and I plan to try it out soon, either for my Spanish Civil War troops or WW2 British and Germans.


2 responses to “Platoon Forward from Too Fat Lardies

  1. It’s by far one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.
    I’m mostly a solo gamer also, I use it mainly with Battlefield Evolution “World at War”, and it’s really given a huge boost to my solo WW2 wargaming. Very nice blog keep up the great work.

    Check out my blog if you like

  2. Hi Chris – I’ve only used PF to generate enemy forces for solo games, but it’s still worth every penny. Using the other sections of PF to drive your blog is a great idea – I like the way the story is developing.

    I notice you’re using the Battlefield Evolution rules – I’ve just got a new set called “Victory Decision” which I think is related to these? I haven’t had a chance to play them yet (next in the queue is Spanish Civil War with the Triumph & Tragedy ruleset), but I’ll do a post when I do. (don’t know when this might be as I’ve injured my back and have been out of action for the last 8 weeks!) .

    Thanks for looking.


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