Command & Colours Napoleonics 23/01/2011 (Nick)

First play of my Christmas present pre-ordered direct from GMT – it arrived on 13th January with a hefty VAT & handling charge. Co-incidently, the next day it was being sold in on-line shops for more than £15 less than I’d paid direct, so I think that will be my last pre-order…

Anyway, we played the first scenario of Rolica twice. I made a mistake in the set-up for the French and left a Line unit off the board, but I still won 5-0 on banners as the French. Our problems were that we both underestimated the effectiveness of ranged combat after playing C&C Ancients for so long, and the loss of dice to a unit for each block which was removed – no more rolling 5 dice for a 1 block unit. 

The second game was much better, when we discovered a few things we’d missed:-

  • yes, squares ARE invunerable to cavalry when formed on a hill, but supporting infantry and artillery could make mincemeat of them so long as the cavalry hung around
  • that there was a card which allowed you to strat move 3 units 5 hexs (but not the 3rd one if it is hidden on your baseline behind your rack of cards, having been sent there by a Supply card, and you’ve forgotten about it)
  • that counter-battery fire can work if you roll 2 cannons on 2 dice (a 1 in 36 chance to be fair) then have a Cavalry Charge card to follow it up with.

In fact, the British fire was proving so effective, that the French retreated to the reverse slope to try and preserve their forces. The British got their 5th banner just before the French and won, but only by surviving in square on one of the objective hills due to appalling dice rolls by the French.

During the first game we were a bit sceptical, but the second game, where we saw more of the cards and better understood the tactics, grew on us – so much so that we are going to fight the second scenario, the 2nd phase of Rolica, this Sunday coming.


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