Board Wargames played during 2010

January – Richard III & Conflict of Heroes ATB

February – War in the Pacific

March – La Bataille de Quatre Bras

April – Gettysburg

May – Waterloo

June – C&C Ancients x 2


  • Conflict of Heroes SOS x2
  • Guilford
  • Tannhauser

November – Conflict of Heroes Poland

December – Storm over Stalingrad

We played a game of GMT’s Wellington as well, but I can’t remember the date.


2 responses to “Board Wargames played during 2010

  1. Hey Norman

    Very nice blog, love the wargames table and figure photos…very professional.
    That’s a fair number of board games you have got through as well…lucky sod.



  2. Thanks David – I do have a green terrain mat (similar to the desert one) to cover up the boards, but for some reason I didn’t get it out that day.
    Last year was a good year for board games and a lousy one for figure games – hoping to reverse that trend this year!

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